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Together we can win!

October 2, 2012

Dear Santa Ana Resident and Business Owner,

If you would please show your support by sending over volunteers to phone bank, pass out flyers, walk door to door with me, register people to vote, and host fundraisers it will be greatly appreciated by us and it will be an amazing experience for all as they will be helping a local candidate win office, God willing. Below are my core points, and I also invite you to check out my website at WE only have six more weeks to go, we are open from 10am -9pm at 726 S Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92701 every day from now until Nov 6th -and we have refreshements, food and candy!!!! So please have your students and interested volunteers call me and come by asap!!! THANK YOU!

  • LEADERSHIP REFORM –  We need Transparency, Accountability and Respect in the City of Santa Ana. As a Concerned Citizen and Business Woman I will bring Checks & Balances to the Council, & Open Communication with Monthly Outreach meetings to Residents and Business owners.
  • PUBLIC WORKS & INFRASTRUCTURE  REFORM – We need more Parks, we have failed our children since we have overbuilt our city. I will ensure we get more Joint Usage contracts and seek to Open a GYM in the heart of Santa Ana that will benefit the lifestyle of our residents in soul, mind, and body. Adding a couple hundred jobs and Keeping kids off the streets!!!!
  • BUSINESS TAX REFORM – We need to be more competitive with our surrounding cities and lower our Business Taxes so that we can attract and retain more Enterprises, create more Jobs!!!

Best Regards,

Karina Onofre
726 S Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

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