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Update: 2nd Immigration Seminar was Intense!!

July 25, 2013

Our second immigration seminar in Santa Ana had a disappointingly low turn-out in comparison to our last seminar on Education with Senator Bob Huff, and we speculate it was for three reasons:

Second Immigration Seminar

Second Immigration Seminar

Again, people continue to fear that attending a seminar on Immigration with the Republican party can mean “deportation” -even an ambulent guy, sitting outside the venue got excited about the event, but when he understood the topic was on “Immigration” he ran away! The second reason why we believe the turn-out may have been so low, despite our confirmed RSVP’s from all the telemarketting and door-to-door invitations we have  made, was because the US vs. Honduras Soccer Game was Yesterday at 6PM -and we all know, or should know, just how IMPORTANT Soccer is to the Latino community Worldwide. If you don’t know, it’s like Football to the gringos! Lastly, the third reason why the turn-out wasn’t as great was because we are now holding the seminars at the main office, four doors down from the original location, since the opportunity cost to keep the original office exclusively for our seminars was no longer financially feasible. The rents on Main St are competitive and missing out on this money to pay the mortgage became more important than waiting on the Republican party of OC to decided if they were interested in opening the needed Latino Headquarters (at a discount) in Santa Ana. 

Immigration Seminar, with members of the community

immig semm

 That said, we did have great speakers come out and a professional videographer and previous Santa Ana Mayoral Candidate, George Collins, come out and recorded the enitre event -thanks George!!! We want to make sure to thank the following speakers for coming out in support of the Latino community in Santa Ana:

  • Javier Pineda –Immigration lawyer from the city of Santa Ana who spoke on the Dream Act, the fact that it really does not mean anything else than just  a two year “deffered action.” He also warned about paying anyone anything for “starting the process” on the current Immigration Reform -as such has not passed, and handling money for that purpose is unethical on the lawyer’s end and irresponsible on the client’s.

Immigration Lawyer, Javier G. Pineda

  • Evangelina Beltran -Retired Immigration Officer and Immigration Consultant, who gave her opinion on the current immigration reform, and encouraged people to begin collecting all pertinent legal documents that can prove residency in the U.S. so that if and when an immigration reform is approved, that the people seeking to apply for this new residency can be ready to do so as soon as soon as possible. She also encouraged people to shop around when looking for a lawyer to represent them, because just like a doctor, it is better to ask and go with lawyers that are honest and recommended by many.
  • Teresa Hernandez -OC Lincoln Club and Republican Advocate for Immigration Reform, gave a passionate speech on how the Republican Party has historically been in support of immigration reform. She also mentioned that based on insider information she had, she believes that the Dream Act portion of the bill will pass as well as the Agriculture portion granting visas, but wanted to be real with the audience, and as much as she has hoped and single-handedly pushed for support on an immigration reform with Republicans in CA, she felt she had to give us the “bad news” based on what she’s heard about the lack of votes since the two parties in Congress cannot come to an agreement.
  • Alfredo Amezcua -Criminal lawyer, former Mayoral Candidate for the City of Santa Ana, and very respected local leader was also present, and he gave words of wisdom on the immigration process, and offered a more optimistic view of the current immigration reform, he said that even though it may appear somber, that he believes the immigration reform is coming because it is long over due and necessary.
  • Jose Martinez -District Rep for Assemblyman Mansoor (support)
  • Joe Duerr -Professional Photographer and Volunteer (support)
  • Maribel Marroquin -Ambassador for Senator Mimi Walters (support)
  • Chris Bronstein -OC Lincoln Club leader (support)
  • Myself, Karina Onofre -with the honor of representing Senator Bob Huff and his full hearted support on Immigration Reform!!!
Karina Onofre, CEO of OC Latino Outreach, and hostess of the seminars in Santa Ana

Karina Onofre, CEO and hostess of OC Latino Outreach seminars in Santa Ana

A special thanks always goes out to Mike Dalati for providing the venue for us to hold these important community events, as well as to the OC Lincoln Club who continues to sponsor the food and drinks for our seminars!*;’~

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  1. bon permalink
    July 25, 2013 12:50 pm

    Good Job!

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