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Expressions Left Unsaid

April 25, 2014

Those of you who know me personally, know that I am a workaholic!!! I started as an entrepreneur at the age of 12 selling faux jewelry to my classmates and teachers in middle school. Now, I’m a successful small business owner -and I wouldn’t have it any other way, because I love it!!! I love being busy, creating things, and getting things done. I’m grateful to say that we had a very busy tax season, continuing to grow the business, and I’m now finally out of tax-hibernation!!!

That said, I wanted to share a recent experience I had at a forum called “feet to the fire” and I can tell you that I would not recommend this type of biased forum to anyone who is a serious candidate in any race -local or state. This type of forum is simply entertainment -with a biased female moderator, Barbara Venezia, who didn’t moderate (and her husband, Mr. Venezia, sitting in the front row, off stage, jeering at me -cowardly, since it was off-camera -but all of the candidates could hear him). Seriously? He must be Republican!

Questions were asked of me, and I kept getting interrupted, my answers were abruptly halted… I mean, the entire forum was a joke.  There was so much hostility towards me… The audience was obviously Tea Party friendly. And, there was nothing the moderator was doing to moderate. The audience began to play par (I wondered what party they were) and upon their wave of animosity towards me I had to do the moderator’s job and Moderate to take control of the moment and Protect myself, because otherwise, nobody would stand up for me. Not that I expected anyone to come to my aide, but clearly, this forum was a mere act of clowns. The difference is, I stood up for myself, just as I would’ve stood up against bullies attacking anyone else in front of me, because I’m very Protective. I can tell you that since, I’ve gotten so many calls and emails sympathizing with me for the bad treatment I received.

The forum was a total circus. It’s deceiving that world class newspapers like the OC Register would participate and regrettably legitimize it, as well as reputable Daily Pilot and Voice of OC. The whole thing was staged to favor one politician. It’s clear to see, beginning with its half introductions.

FOR NEW CANDIDATES OUT THERE, who like me, don’t know the value or importance of a forum – I can tell you that unless you are potentially offering a special interest or benefit to the moderators (such as Rainbow Trash contracts), don’t help raise the ratings by attending this circus (it’s full of clowns).   clowns


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