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Statesman/woman vs. Politician

April 25, 2014

Recently, the question surged whether I wanted to be a Politician? And I said NO, and here’s why… Besides the low ratings and public distrust of politicians, the third definition in the dictionary for the word “politician” is negative -and clearly something I don’t’ identify with. I’d much rather aspire to be your Stateswoman, than just another politician.


If you allow me, I’ll make sure to keep an open door for you and listen to you, because as a business owner, I’m aware of the demand in the economy and realize that our needs are not being fulfilled in Sacramento. WE NEED MORE JOBS TO HELP FEED OUR FAMILIES -AND YET…  We are being fed too much candy -with sweet talking politicians who will tell us what we want to hear, but are being neglected from the real substance of a complete meal. In my businesses, I not only satisfy my clients by fulfilling their needs, but go above and beyond by ensuring the rest of their life’s needs are also met. If I cannot help them with real estate, insurance, taxes, or legal services, I refer them to other experts. As your Stateswoman, I will do the same. I will not only fulfill your needs within our district -primarily when it comes to CREATING MORE JOBS, but I will ensure that our amazing state continues to Thrive and move upward, Leading in the world’s economy.


If we want change, we need to K.O. (Knock-Out) Politics as Usual and STOP sending the same “Good Old Boys” back to Sacramento to represent us….. We need to pay attention to the political machines, and people with special interests that are a part of it and K.O. the same old same old. Vote for one of us -not one of them!!!! If we want change in Sacramento, we need to Stop sending more Politicians and Begin Sending More Statesmen and Stateswomen like myself!!!! Vote for me Karina Onofre to be your Stateswoman!!!!!!!


If we really want change in Sacramento, we need to begin doing things differently. Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results!” Enough with making the same mistakes!!!! We cannot continue to send the same politicians again and again and expect different results. Politicians will sweet talk our hearts out and make us dream and bleed while they never fulfill and fall short of the promises they spilt. We need to do things differently to get different more positive results, and you can begin to do so by voting for me, Karina Onofre for California State Assembly.
Our nation was founded by Statesmen, not Politicians. And Sacramento today, has more politicians crowded under its beautiful white dome than Statesmen/women working for The People! You want something better? Vote for me, Karina Onofre, and Send Me, an Orange County Small Business Owner instead! I am human, and imperfect, but I listen, I’m highly skilled, educated, creative, innovative, passionate and besides being REAL (not a politician) -I know I can be a Mighty Stateswoman!!!! A Stateswoman who will work for YOU and Represent YOU!!!! A Stateswoman who will not place special interests or the political machines above the people and our will. I will Work Hard to be the Best Stateswoman this District has ever had.


I invite you to get to know me better, simply Reach out to me…. and help elect me.


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