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Karina Onofre: My Voice is Heard, Just Because I’m A Candidate for State Assembly

May 12, 2014


I just wanted to share a few answers to questions I’ve received recently regarding all of the attention that has been bestowed upon me after making my press release on behalf of the People of Orange County, to move the Los Angeles Clippers to Orange County…
Paraphrase of Question 1)
“Aren’t we losing enough businesses, in need of more jobs? The politicians aren’t saying/doing anything, so why focus on the Clippers?”
There are a lot of great politicians in the State Assembly and in the Senate that are advocating about the thousands of jobs lost because of companies that continue to close their doors and move out of state because of our high taxation and ridiculous regulations. In fact, as a candidate, my platform is to Increase Jobs and to Eliminate Corporate Taxes for the next 11 years (with the possibility of renewal) for new businesses opening up in California in order to stimulate and grow our economy! The corporate taxes lost will be compensated for by the sales revenue generated from the businesses, and from the economic stimulation of their employees paying back into the economy.
Question 2)
“Why focus on the Clippers, and why now?”

Why the Clippers, and why now? My answer is, Why not?! Los Angeles has two NBA teams, Orange County has none. We wanted them ten years ago, and we still want them now. Bringing them now would be a way to release the heat from the offense to the black community in Los Angeles, and what better relief than to move them out, also as a form of objection. Furthermore, bringing them would Create hundreds of new jobs in Orange County, Stimulate the local economy, and enhance our Quality of Life -as we will now have an NBA team in our very own county for families and friends to build memories on! Plus, the train between L.A. and Anaheim (if they are to move into the ready to go Honda Center) would be the link that connects the two markets!
Suggestion 3)
“It seems like a great political platform of opportunity if you ask me.”

A great political platform opportunity you asked? Think about this, if I was Karina Onofre, the small business owner, private citizen, do you think my voice would’ve been echoed throughout the state and the country? The answer is no, I would have been ignored… I am getting attention because I am Karina Onofre the Candidate for State Assembly in Orange County. It’s quite unfortunate that the media only pays attention to the voice of politicians and political candidates and not so much to the people. That said, I love the Clippers -I’ve always loved how the “underdogs” can come out victorious, and I’m speaking on behalf of millions of people who also want to have the Clippers to move to Orange County and make Orange County their new home. I am THE PEOPLE’S VOICE IN ORANGE COUNTY -and I’m not going to stay silent when I have the floor to express the wishes of The People and because I’m a candidate, I’m being heard. Vote for me, Karina Onofre, on June 3, 2014 and like I am doing now, I will Speak Up and Stand Up to Be the VOICE of all of those private citizens who are left unheard.


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